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Auditor's Report Services Guide

Article ID: 973
Last updated: 07 Apr, 2020

Welcome to the Identity Maestro Auditor's Report Services Guide. This guide is for IT staff or IT auditor staff with access to the Identity Maestro audit and reporting module.

Learn how to access the Auditing module to view the audit logs, how to build custom views, how to generate Activity Reports, and how to export data based on filtered views.

It is important to note that this module is only available to staff members enabled for the Audit Module by the Identity Maestro administration team.


This guide includes the following topics:

How to Log In to Identity Maestro

Your ServiceControl administrator will provide you with a website link for your login.

Identity Maestro has been optimized to work best with the latest web browsers including Edge, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, and Safari.

Dashboard Navigation

Once you reach your Dashboard, select the Audit tab from the top level menu.

How the Audit Reporting Module Works

The Audit tab enables you to produce filtered views of the Identity Maestro audit logs and to produce Activity Reports. The default filter is set to the Last 30 days. You can modify this filter to one of the pre-set filters from the drop-down menu, or you can select Initial date and Final date. After a filter has been defined, click the Apply button to set the filter.

To clear the filters, click the Clear Filters button.

View the Audit Log

The audit log will display after you applied the chosen filter, here the Last 30 days. 

Personal Information in Audit Logs

To protect the personal information of users, all personal information of users that are created and managed are not exposed in the Audit logs, except for display names and user names which are required to properly identify the object that actions have been taken on

How to use additional filters

You can narrow your search scope by adding additional filters which will further filter the previous filtered results list. Select filters in each column of the results table and define a new filter. Best practices is to start with general filters and then set additional filters to refine the list to display the exact information you need.

How to export a filtered log

After creating a filtered view of the log information, you can click Export to create a CSV file that contains that information.

Create an Activity Report

Activity Reports are PDF summaries of activities that are completed against a specific object or by a specific object (usually a user).

Create and email an Activity Report

Click Activities Report.

Configure the wizard to create a filtered report and email it to a specific individual.

Identity Maestro will process the report request ...

... and send out a formatted email with a PDF file of the requested report.

Create and view an Activity Report

Click Activities Report and configure the wizard to create a filtered report and display it on the screen.

Identity Maestro processes the filtered report and displays it as a PDF file in your browser. You can save the file to any suitable storage location.

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Article ID: 973
Last updated: 07 Apr, 2020
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