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How to Reset the Connection Service Account Passwords

Article ID: 1735
Last updated: 08 Apr, 2020

Changes in a network environment such as administrator staff changes, may require resetting connection service account passwords.  This article explains the process for two typical connections using the Identity Maestro Connection Utility.  The steps may vary slightly for each connection type, but the process is the same:

  1. Modify the connection service account credentials (username and/or password).
  2. Test the connections to confirm that they work with the new credentials.

Steps to reset connection service account credentials for:

Reset Active Directory Connection User Credentials

  1. Launch the Identity Maestro Configuration Utility.

    If you have not created a desktop shortcut for the Identity Maestro Connection Utility, in Windows Explorer navigate to the \IdentityMaestro\ConnectionUtility folder and launch the ConnectionUtility.exe using elevated privileges (right-click and Run as administrator.

  2. Double-Click the AD connection.

  3. In the Connection Edit Window, on the General page, verify the username and update the passwords.

  4. Click Save.

  5. Click Connection Targets -> Select your connection and click Test the connection.


  6. Click Home Directories then Select each configured server and test the connection.

  7. Close the connection utility.

Reconfigure Office 365 Connection User Credentials

  1. In the Connection Utility, double-click the Office 365 connection.

  2. Reset the username and/or password.  Save the changes.

  3. If the connection closed, re-open the connection.

  4. Select the Remote Agent tab.

  5. Ensure that the host displays and port displays 40002.  This indicates that the connection will work with the locally installed Remote Agent web application. Click the 1. Update Remote Agent button.  This may take a few minutes.  The Connection Utility will write the connection information to the Remote Agent.

    If the "Agent Status" shows an error, check IIS Manager and confirm that the application pool and website are running.  Perform a Basic Settings Test Settings test to confirm that the configuration is correct.  See Confirm Identity Maestro Websites in IIS Manager for more information.

  6. In the Connection Utility, in the Remote Agent tab, click the Test AAD Connection button.  It should pass.

  7. Click the Update Agent in WE button.  This will write the connection path to the Workflow Engine so that actions from workflows will be passed to the Remote Agent.

  8. Save the connection which will close.

  9. Repeat this procedure for each MSOnline connection.

  10. Close the Connection Utility.

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Article ID: 1735
Last updated: 08 Apr, 2020
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