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Identity Maestro Guides

Article ID: 1547
Last updated: 07 Apr, 2020

Available Documentation

The following online guides are available for users, operators, auditors and administrators:

  • Administrator's Guide - Learn how to use the Administration Panel to configure and control how Identity Maestro works.

  • Workflow Management Guide - Learn how to view workflows, and how to troubleshoot workflow jobs, adapters, and SMTP email notification.

  • Utilities Guide - Learn how to use the command line and PowerShell script files that are included as utilities.

  • Resources Guide - Learn about optional templates that can be imported into various modules through the Administration Panel.

  • Operator's Guide - Learn how to use the default tasks that are included in the Manage module and the create forms that can be enabled in the Create module.  This guide focuses on the typical tasks and creates the ability provided to different job roles that are provided delegate task ability, like helpdesk staff, IT administrators, HR staff and department managers.

  • User Self Service Guide - Learn how normal users can use "Forgot Password" to reset the credentials, and how users can modify personal information about themselves.

  • Auditor's Report Services Guide - Learn how non-IT audit staff can confirm what actions have been taken by ServiceControl by examining service logs and how to generate reports.

  • FAQ For Executives - For corporate executives who need answers to the most common questions asked before approving further investigation and evaluation by security and IT staff.

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Article ID: 1547
Last updated: 07 Apr, 2020
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