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How to Request Support

Article ID: 988
Last updated: 18 Feb, 2018
Public Notice: ServiceControl is presently going through a rebrand to transition to "Identity Maestro".  When ServiceControl is installed or upgraded using the 4.0.3 installer, the default header logos in the web portal will switch to Identity Maestro.  Please be patient as we work through updating our documentation during this transition.

Customers who have current licenses are entitled to full software upgrade and support which includes full email and telephone support Monday to Friday between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. (Mountain US & Canada) during regular working days.  Limited email support may be available during extended hours. Email and telephone support is also available to customers who are evaluating ServiceControl (Identity Maestro).

Support can be requested in the following manner:

Also see Understanding ServiceControl (Identity Maestro) Support and Professional Services for additional details.

Submit a support request from the Administration Panel

The primary means to submit a support request is from the Identity Maestro Administration Panel. 

  1. Click the Options drop-down and select Request Support.

  2. This option will open the Support Request web form on the Identity Maestro website.

Submit a support request from

ServiceControl (Identity Maestro) administrators can submit a support request from the Identity Maestro website (, from the main menu select Services and Support Request.  Complete and submit the form.

This will process will create a support ticket, upload attached files, and assign the ticket to support staff for resolution. 

Emailing a Manual Support Request

ServiceControl (Identity Maestro) administrators can also submit a support request manually by sending an email to with the following information:

  1. Your name.
  2. Your contact phone number.
  3. Your time zone.
  4. Priority: Use "Urgent", "High", "Normal" or "Low"
  5. Severity: Use "Critical - Service is Failing or not syncing" or "Non-Critical - Some users are still syncing"
  6. Subject title of the support request.
  7. Description of the problem:  If you see an error, please type the exact wording of the error and provide a screen shot if it will aid in understanding the issue.

Support requests will be examined in order of urgency and severity.  All support requests will be assigned and responded to within two working days.

Each support request submitted by a customer will automatically generate a support ticket in our ZenDesk system.  A client manager from our Success Team will contact you, usually within one working day.

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Article ID: 988
Last updated: 18 Feb, 2018
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