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Step 5: Modify the Notification Email Templates

Article ID: 1726
Last updated: 29 Sep, 2018

This section explains Task Forms and how they are used in Self-Service.

What are Self-Service Notification Email Templates

Self-Service email templates are used by the Forgot Password feature to report to designated admin and user recipients that user password resets have been attempted.  This is an example of a notification email.

How to Define Notification Email Recipients

The email recipients for notification emails are saved as option keys and values in the settings.config file located in the \Web folder.

To define the email recipients:

  1. Locate and edit the settings.config file in the \IdentityMaestro\Web folder.
  2. Add the following option keys and values:

    <add key="ForgotPassword.Notification.Enabled" value="true" />
    <add key="ForgotPassword.Notification.EmailServer" value="[DNS name of the SMTP service]" />
    <add key="ForgotPassword.Notification.EmailPort" value="[tcp port value]" />
    <add key="ForgotPassword.Notification.AdminEmailAddress" value="[email address to receive admin notification emails]" />
    <add key="ForgotPassword.Notification.EmailFrom" value="[email address for the sender of the notification emails]" />
    <add key="ForgotPassword.Notification.EmailReplyTo" value="[email address for reply to emails from the user]" />

It is critical that the Identity Maestro server Email Settings be configured to use the same SMTP Host and Port values as set in the settings.config file.

Once the setting.config file has been saved and the Identity Maestro email settings have been set and tested, perform a IISRESET from an elevated CMD prompt.

How to Modify Email Templates

Delegated administrators can add a custom task to a Self-Service assignment that is displayed in the user's Self-Service Personal Portal page menu system:

  1. Login to Identity Maestro as a Delegated Administrator.
  2. Select ADMINISTRATION on the main menu bar.
  3. In the Administration portal, select the SELF-SERVICE module in the main button bar.
  4. Select Step 5: Manage Email Templates.
  5. Select the desired email template in the navigation pane.
  6. Click the Edit button.
  7. Make the appropriate changes (usually to the signature block).
  8. Save the changes.
  9. Repeat steps 5 to 7 for each email template.
  10. Click OPTIONS > Apply Settings to activate the email templates for users using the Forgot Password feature..

Note that a copy of the default email templates are saved in .txt format in \IdentityMaestro\Resources\Email Scripts\.  You can choose to edit the applicable .txt file and copy the text back to the email script to restore the original template.

Administrator - Report Attempt

The Administrator - Report Attempt template is used by the Forgot Password feature to send an email to the designated Admin recipient to advise when a user attempts to reset their password. 

If the line The operation was %%ForgotPasswordResult%% is included in the email template, the email will indicate a successful or unsuccessful reset password attempt.  This can indicate when a brute force attempt is being tried, or when a user is experiencing a challenge with resetting their user password.

Here is an example of an unsuccessful attempt email.

Administrator - Report Account Disabled

In Step 2:  Configure "Forgot Password" > General Options, if the Disable user account after failed attempts option is enabled and configured, and a user fails the Forgot Password answers enough times to trip the option to disable the user account, the Forgot Password feature will send the email to the administrator to advise that a user account has been disabled.

If the Number of password recovery attempts - %%FailedAttempts%% line is included in the email template, the email received by the Admin recipient will indicate how many times the user failed to answer Forgot Password questions before disabling the user account.

User - Report Password Reset

The User - Report Password Reset template is used by the Forgot Password feature to send an email to the user to report a successful attempt to reset their password. Identity Maestro will not send a notification email to the user if the Forgot Password reset attempt failed.

Identity Maestro administrators may want to modify this template to include instructions for the user if they did not use Forgot Password to reset their password, and immediate corrective action that should be taken by the user.

Note:  The Directory user entity must have an email address configured in the mail attribute, otherwise Identity Maestro will not have an email address to send the user notification email to.

Here is an example of the default template email sent to a user.

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Article ID: 1726
Last updated: 29 Sep, 2018
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