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How Workflows are Used in Identity Maestro

Article ID: 1714
Last updated: 29 Aug, 2018

What is a workflow

A workflow is a series of steps that are performed by the Identity Maestro Workflow Engine in a linear fashion to complete a major activity.  Each step will include one or more actions that will be completed.

A workflow can be bound to:

  • a create profile, 
  • specific Manage standard tasks, and
  • custom tasks used in the Manage and Self Service modules. 

The advantage of workflows is that once a user requests a task or create activity that is mapped to a workflow, the Workflow Engine creates a workflow job to control of scheduling and completing the requested workflow.  This allows the operator to proceed to their next task in Identity Maestro.

Here is an example of a Create AD user entity workflow.

How are workflows created

A set of default workflows for activities is included with the Identity Maestro server installation.  Customers can request custom workflows be created to meet their requirements.  Contact the Identity Maestro Support Team for assistance.

Can workflows be managed

Identity Maestro includes a Workflow Center web portal that Identity Maestro administrators can use to manage workflows and workflow jobs.  Refer to the Workflow Center Guide for more information.

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Article ID: 1714
Last updated: 29 Aug, 2018
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