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How to Enable Access to the Administration Panel

Article ID: 1684
Last updated: 30 Apr, 2018

Immediately after Identity Maestro is installed, access to the ADMINISTRATION panel is limited to the connection service user accounts for Active Directory domains, eDirectory trees, and OpenLDAP domains. This article explains the strategy to grant Delegated Administration to directory users so those users will have access to the ADMINISTRATION panel.

Planning Guidelines

Identity Maestro can be configured to manage users and groups from multiple Directory systems or services.  When planning for Delegated Administration, keep the following best practices in mind:

  1. Centralize on One Directory: If multiple Directories will be managed by Identity Maestro, choose the Directory that will be used to control access to the primary admin user logins.  This way, the user can log into Identity Maestro using their primary admin user login credentials.

  2. Create "admin" user accounts:  Do not let users use their normal desktop login credentials to access the Administration panel.  This helps to protect the security and integrity of the Administration panel and set different access controls for  the user's normal desktop login.  For example:

    • If the username is adamsample, create an admin user like adamsamplez or adamsampleim or imadamsample.

    • Add those admin users to the AD group that is assigned to the Delegated Administrator group, e.g. IM Admins.

Procedure to Assign Delegated Administration

Admin user accounts can be provided access to the ADMINISTRATION panel by making them members of a Directory group and adding that group to the "Delegated Administration" list in the ADMINISTRATION panel.  Once configured, those users that are 'assigned Delegated Administration' can login to the Identity Maestro web console with their own user credentials and access the ADMINISTRATION panel.

Refer to the following KB articles for steps to assign “Delegated Administration”:

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Article ID: 1684
Last updated: 30 Apr, 2018
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