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Configure and Test SMTP Settings for the Workflow Engine

Article ID: 1659
Last updated: 27 Nov, 2017

Workflow Center can send email

Workflows can be configured to send templated emails to recipients.  This article discusses the following:

Common example: Create approval emails

The most common example of this is the approval feature in create profiles.  In this example, you designate an AD group whose members each have a working email address specified in the user mail attribute.  When the Workflow Engine executes the step for Notification Approval, it will send an email to each member of the approval group that includes a webpage link to the Approvals page for that workflow.  The first person to go to the approval webpage and approve the create user request will trigger the workflow engine to complete the remaining steps in that workflow.

The approval feature in the create profile uses SMTP services to send templated emails from ServiceControl to the selected approval group. Approval Emails require that SMTP be setup and configured on the host server.

SMTP error generated by a workflow

If an approval group has been assigned to a workflow Create Profile and SMTP settings are not configured, or if SMTP settings are misconfigured, the Workflow Engine will report an Object Reference not set to an instance of an Object exception.

Required Preparation

Enabling this feature for the Workflow Engine requires the following:

  • Identify an SMTP server (Exchange or SMTP) that can accept relay emails from the Workflow Engine, and
    • If you are running ServiceControl in an on-premise environment co-located with an Exchange server, we suggest using the Exchange server as the SMTP relay.
    • If hosting ServiceControl on an Azure VM, we suggest using the SendGrid service as the SMTP relay.  SendGrid has a free plan for sending fewer than 40,000 email per month.
  • Configure the SMTP feature in IIS for the Workflow Engine web aplication.
  • Test that the Workflow Engine is able to send emails. 

How to configure the SMTP feature for the Workflow Engine

Use the following procedure to set the SMTP settings in IIS Manager on the ServiceControl server hosting the Workflow Engine:

  1. In IIS Manager navigate to Sites.

  2. Click on Omni.WorkflowEngine.

  3. Double-Click SMTP E-Mail.

  4. Set each of the fields to the correct information for your SMTP environment.

  5. Click specify credentials > Click the set... button.

  6. Enter the credentials for a valid user and click ok.

  7. Log out of ServiceControl.

How to test SMTP email in the Workflow Center

Once the SMTP settings have been applied to the Workflow engine web application, use this procedure to test that the SMTP email service is working.

  1. In a web browser, access the Workflow Center web application.
  2. In the Navigation Panel, select Test Email Service.  In the Email Message box, change the To: field to display a working email address that you have access to for testing.
  3. Click Send Test Email and confirm that the message was sent and there are no errors.

  4. Access the mailbox of the email address specified in step 2 and confirm that the test email is correctly formatted.

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Article ID: 1659
Last updated: 27 Nov, 2017
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