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Resources Guide: The Resources Folder

Article ID: 1649
Last updated: 06 Nov, 2017

Purpose of the Resources Folder

The server installation includes a Resources folder that holds additional files that can be imported into Manage and Create modules inside the Administration Panel.  These resources are samples of custom tasks and create forms are based on resources we helped to create for different customers.

This guide includes:

Resource Catalogue (PDF)

The Resource Catalogue is a PDF document at the root of the \Resources folder that contains the list of existing assets that are included in the folder structure.  Each asset will be given a short description and a link to the corresponding KB article(s) for that asset.

How to Guides

Refer to the following guides for instructions on how to import and export create forms and custom tasks:

Resources included in the ServiceControl Latest Release

Assets included in the Resources folder can include:

  • Create Form Templates - these are xml files that can be imported into Identity Maestro administration panel for the Create module.  Each template provides a solid starting point which can be duplicated into specific create forms that will be assigned to one or more create profiles. Create form templates included in the 4.0.3 release include:

  • Custom Task Templates - these are xml files that can be imported into the Identity Maestro administration panel for the Manage module.  Each custom template provides additional functionality that customers may find beneficial.  Similar to create form templates, each cutsom task template can be imported and then modified to meet the specific needs of the customer.

    • AD Object Details - templates that provide a "Details" view of specific AD object types:

      • AD_User_Details.custom-task

      • AD_Contact_Details.custom-task

      • AD_Group_Details.custom-task

      • AD_Computer_Details.custom-task

    • AD Export Custom Tasks - templates to export list of AD objects by type:

      • AD_Contact_Export.custom-task

      • AD_Group_Export.custom-task

      • AD_Computer_Export.custom-task

    • Manage LAPS - custom task used to replace the Windows application for LAPS.

      • Manage_LAPS.custm-task

How to Submit a New Asset to the Resources Library

If you have a custom task that you believe would be suitable to be included in the Resources library, submit a Contact Us and a member of our Success Team will contact your team to gather your suggestion and a copy of the template.  Once it passes a review and internal testing it may be included in the Resources folder in a new release.

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Article ID: 1649
Last updated: 06 Nov, 2017
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