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How to Replace Portal Header Graphics with UpdateHeaders.ps1

Article ID: 1647
Last updated: 15 Aug, 2018
The UpdateHeaders.ps1 script is available from Identity Maestro support to allow administrators to restore graphics that may have been changed with the ServiceControl 4.0.3 upgrade installation.  Note that the 4.0.4 upgrade installation will make the same change and this script is not designed for future upgrades. This script will not be included in the \Utilities folder.


To run the UpdateHeaders.ps1 script:

  1. Navigate to <Install Path>\ServiceControl\Utilities\ReplaceHeaderGraphics.
  2. Run UpdateHeaders.ps1 as an Administrator.

The script will then perform the following actions against the host server:

  1. The script will first prompt for permission to run through UAC.

  2. Stop the IIS Sites and Services associated with the ServiceControl Installation.
  3. Backup the old header graphics at: <Install Path>\ServiceControl\Web\App_Themes\Omni.Headers.Backup
  4. UpdateHeaders.ps1 then copies the new header graphics into place.
  5. Restarts the IIS Sites and Services.
  6. At the end of the script execution hit return to close the PowerShell window.

  7. Finally, Perform a browser cache reset. This reloads the browser so that the changes are visible.

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Article ID: 1647
Last updated: 15 Aug, 2018
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