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How To: Enhance Username Uniqueness Checking During User Creation

Article ID: 1623
Last updated: 05 Sep, 2017


When using the Create module to create new Active Directory (AD) users, once the form fields have been populated with data and the Preview button has been clicked, ServiceControl will perform a uniqueness check for the username against the AD domain for other objects with the same username.  ServiceControl will perform uniqueness chacking against existing user, contact and group objects  The username uniqueness check is completed before the create user workflow is launched.

ServiceControl currently supports checking the uniqueness of usernames by checking the following attributes: CommonName, Distinguished Name, UserPrincipalName, and the sAMAccountName.

You can enhance the built in functionality of the uniqueness checking in ServiceControl by making a modification to the settings.config file located at [Install Path]\ServiceControl\web\settings.config.

Enhancing Uniqueness Checking

  1. Navigate to [Install Path]\ServiceControl\web\settings.config.

  2. Edit the Settings.config file in an ASCII text editor like Notepad.

  3. Add <add key="AdditionalEntityUniqueCheckAttributes" value="[Attributes to check against]"/> to the settings.config file.

    Note: You can specify any Active Directory attribute inside value =" ". You can specify more than one additional attribute by separating the attributes with the semicolon.

  4. Save the file.

  5. Open a command prompt as an Administrator and perform an IISRESET.

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Article ID: 1623
Last updated: 05 Sep, 2017
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