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ServiceControl 4.0.2 Release Notes (2017.08.30)

Article ID: 1561
Last updated: 18 Feb, 2018

Release Notes.  These notes cover the following releases for the ServiceControl 4.0.2.  Contact ServiceControl and request assistance to upgrade you existing eControl or ServiceControl installation. Final Release (August 30, 2017)

This is the final public release for ServiceControl 4.0.2.  Future bug fixes, enhancements and new features will be included in the 4.0.3 Technical Preview Release.  This release includes two major bug fixes:

  • Fix: Force SCBackup to do a full backup by default.  SCBackup was not doing a backup of all files when the scbackup,cmd file was executed without options.  The Backup utility now creates a 1-for-1 copy of all folders and files within [Install Path]/ServiceControl root folder to the default bacjkup destination. Also added the option to add -full as an argument for those who need to call it for scheduled backups.  See KB 1564 - Create and Schedule Backups for ServiceControl for more details.
  • Fix: Auto Generated Passwords Did Not Always Include Lower Case Letters.  In the Create form, if the option Use lower case letters was checked, some passwords were generated without lower case characters, and in  some cases preventing users from being created in eDirectory.  This fix ensures that if the option is selected, at least one lower case letter character is included in each auto-generated password. Release (August 24, 2017) 

This is the release for ServiceControl 4.0.2.  This release includes several enhancements that resolved several critical bugs reported by clients:

  • Enhancements & Benefits - includes:
    • Upgrade to Telerik controls
    • Enhanced the create user uniqueness check feature
    • Added a connection and custom workflows for the Skyward student management system
  • Bug Fixes - includes:
    • Forgot Password answers cannot be saved by users in the Self-Service module
    • Display of Set Password fields in Self-Service is not aligned properly
    • Fix for CSV auto-import service not generating random passwords Release (July 7, 2017)

This is an upgrade and maintenance release for ServiceControl 4.0.2.  This release note records all new features, enhancements and ciritcal bug fixes for ServiceControl 4.0.2:


Enhancements & Benefits

  • Upgrade to Current Telerik Controls.  Some of the form and window controls in the Self-Service Module have not been working as expected in newer browser releases.  Upgraded to current Telerik controls to resolve issue and restore compatibility with latest web browsers. This change

  • Create User - Username Uniqueness Check Improved - When using a create form to create new AD users, the create form will do a username uniqueness check to confirm that there are no conflicts with other AD users, AD contacts (email-enabled), distinguished names, common names, SAM account names, and User Principle Names. Added ability to define additional attributes to the uniqueness checking.  This requires setting a custom option key in the settings.config file.  Refer to KB1623 - How to Enhance Username Uniqueness Checking During Create for details.

  • Added Skyward Connection and Workflows - Added ability to configure connection to Skyward student registration system.  This connection can be used to add customized create tasks using the CSV Auto-Import Service.  Create and Manage workflows can be modified to include calls to the Skyward database to modify data. This requires professional services to add and configure the connection, and design customized tasks and workflows. Contact ServiceControl and request assistance.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix: Forgot Password Answers Cannot be Saved by User in Self-Service - Users who had not set forgot password questions and answers were not able to save their answers in the Self-Service module.  The upgrade to current Telerik controls (see Enhancements above) resolved this critical issue.

  • Fix: Display of Set Password Fields in Self-Service is Not Aligned Properly - When users attempted to reset their passwords in the Self-Service module, the password fields were not aligned correctly in the "Change Password" window. The upgrade to current Telerik controls (see Enhancements above) resolved this issue.

  • Fix: CSV Auto-Import Service is not auto-generating passwords - The service that auto-generates users from CSV files saved to a folder location was not creating auto-generated passwords when creating new users.  This release includes a fix for that issue. Release (July 7, 2017)

This interim release included new features, enhancements and critical bug fixes.

ServiceControl Stops Working After Applying Exchange 2013 CU15 and CU16 Updates

A customer reported that ServiceControl suffered challenges with creating on-premise Exchange mailboxes, or managing on-premise Exchange mailboxes after they upgraded their Exchange 2013 server to CU15.  ServiceControl create and manage functionality is dependant on remote PowerShell support being enabled on the Exchange server(s) that ServiceControl connects to.

We were able to replicate the issue in our lab environment and confirmed that both CU15 and CU16 updates disable support for remote PowerShell by default. This is not a ServiceControl bug, rather it is a fundamental change to the state of Exchange 2013 on-premise servers post-CU15+ upgrades.

We tested a procedure that re-enables Remote PowerShell support on the Exchange server.  This procedure needs to be completed after each CU upgrade starting with CU15.

ServiceControl Installation Changes

  • Confirmed that the ServiceControl installer supports the .NET 4.6 framework.

  • ServiceControl Upgrade to 4.0.2+ Will Not Preserve SMTP Settings. This release contains a major change to how SMTP settings are saved for the ServiceControl website.  As a result, the existing SMTP settings will not survive an upgrade.  Refer to the procedure How to restore SMTP settings after an upgrade to ServiceControl 4.0.2+.

  • Customers who want to upgrade to this release of ServiceControl are asked to contact the ServiceControl support team to schedule an upgrade installation.

New Features & Benefits

  • Added support for Skype for Business On-Premise and Lync 2013 Server On-Premise. Added connector and Remote Agent service for Skype for Business 2015 server / Lync 2013 server.  ServiceControl can now include enabling a Skype for Business 2015 or Lync 2013 user as part of creating new users in AD on-premise. 

    • Added a create new workflow that handles on-premise Skype or Lync users as part of the create an AD user.

    • Existing AD users can also be enabled or disabled for Skype for Business or Lync 2013.  This requires ServiceControl support services to install and configure the connection and remote agent, enable custom Manage options, and a Create form that includes the Skype/Lync fields.

  • Added a manual Backup Utility.  Added a \Utilities folder that contains a SCBackup.cmd file that can be executed in an CMD prompt window with elevated privileges.  This utility can create a full backup, or just backup the configuration files.  The utility can be scheduled using Windows Task Scheduler and files can be saved to any local or mapped drive.  See KB 1564 - Create and Schedule Backups for ServiceControl for more details.

  • Added ability to configure database support for Forgot Password questions and answers.  Added ability to configure Microsoft SQL database support for forgot password questions and answers.  This is provided to improve performance for those environments with more that 500 users.  Contact ServiceControl support for assistance with setting this up.  This database is not used to store a backup of user passwords.

Enhancements & Benefits

  • Connection Utility Improvements.  Made the following changes:

    • Removed the M+Archive and M+ Guardian connectors until they can be revised to work against the latest vendor products.

    • Renamed the Google Apps connector to display as G Suite to match Google's rebranding of their Google Apps service to G Suite.

  • ServiceControl Server

    • Confirmed that server and workflow engine are .NET 4.6 compliant.

    • Website adjustments - made the following changes to improvement the user experience

      • Modified Administration panel page tab titles so wording matches the page view.  This improves site navigation.

      • Modified where SMTP notification email settings are saved in the Administration panel so now there is a single page view used to set SMTP settings. Previously, SMTP settings were saved separately for the Self-Service module.

    • Auto-populate the Create Form assigned workflow drop-down selection - As new create workflows are added, those selections will be auto-populated to the Create Form assigned workflow field.  This removes a requirement to manually add the new workflow name in a config file.

    • Added ability to create and manage Office 365 users and maiboxes

      • Confirmed that when O365 user(s) are created using the workflow, the create process automatically enables users for the services / web applications that are included in the Office 365 subscription license and are enabled and configured in the Office 365 Admin portal.

      • Confirmed that bulk create from CSV file works for creating Office 365 users / mailboxes.

      • Added ability to enable an AD user for Office 365.  This option creates the mailbox and licenses the user for Office 365 applications and services that are configured in the Office 365 administration panel.  This provides a mechanism to enable an existing AD user for Office 365.  This option is designed for those environments that are not using Azure ADConnect or other third party hybrid sync tools.

      • Added ability to remove the Office 365 license previously assigned to a user.  Allows an Office 365 user to be deprovisioned.

    • Added support for creating and managing contact objects

      • Added support so that Create forms can be used to create contact objects, and the contact objects can be added to the membership lists of security and distribution groups.  This support creating contacts and adding them to an email distribution group.

      • Added ability in the Manage module to search for contacts and add them to a membership list of an AD group including email distribution groups.

    • Added pre-built filters for Audit Reports

      • By default, when looking at the Audit Reporting list, ServiceControl will display the last 30 days of activity.  This will reduce the overall time it takes to display the Audit Reporting list and ensure that it contains the most current data records.

      • Added a drop-down list of pre-built time-based filters that can be selected to narrow down or broaden the query of items to display in the Audit Reporting list.

    • Added ability to save user forgot password questions & answers to a database.  For enterprise envrionments with 100+ users, added ability to store the forgot password feature questions & passwords into a database (tested with Microsoft SQL Express).  For larger number of users, this greatly improves performance.

  • Workflow Center Management Portal

    • Renamed the management portal website.  Renamed the Workflow Engine Management portal to Workflow Center.

    • Added "Resume", Terminate" and "Archive" buttons.  Added the ability to manage workflows that end up in a suspended state due to approval not being granted or a specific critical step could not be completed:

      • If an administrator resolves the issue that prevented a workflow job from completing, the administrator can choose to Resume the workflow job so it will complete.

      • An administrator can decide to Terminate a workflow job, or Archive a workflow job.  The archive saves the job to a file that can be examined outside of the Workflow Engine.  Terminating or Archiving an incomplete workflow job will not roll-back any steps that were completed.  Administrators will have to decide what manual corrective action (if any) is required.

  • Workflow Engine

    • Added the following workflows:

      • Lync2013.Create.Entity.ActiveDirectory - Create workflow that is used create and enable on-premise Lync 2013 and Skype 2015 users.  This must be added, enabled and configured by ServiceControl support staff.

      • Lync2013.EnableCsUser - Manage workflow used to enable an existing on-premise AD user for a Lync 2013 or Skype for Business user account.  This must be added, enabled and configured by ServiceControl support staff.

      • Lync2013.DisableCsUser - Manage workflow used to disable an existing on-premise Lync 2013 or Skype for Business user.  This must be added, enabled and configured by ServiceControl support staff.

Bug Fixes

  • Bulk create from CSV file was failing.  Resolved an issue the was causing bulk create jobs using CSV files to fail with unknown error reported in the log file.

  • Audit logging not reporting users created using workflows.  Resolved an issue with user create activity not being recorded in the audit logs under certain conditions.

  • Upgrade installation not preserving Remote Agent service config files.  Corrected an issue that an upgrade install was not preserving settings in Remote Agent service config files.

  • Uninstall not removing 32-bit Connection Agent Service.  Fixed a bug in the installer that failed to remove the 32-bit Omni Connection Agent Service from Windows services during an uninstall process.  When running an uninstall procedure, the installer now removes all ServiceControl created services during the install process.

  • Fixed "Unable to instantiate workflow ..." error for Office 365 create workflows.  When a create job was started, it failed to initialize because the workflow could not find the actual workflow definition file.  Fixed a default .config file that did not identify the default Office 365 workflow definition names correctly. 

  • Fixed "Attributes missing from schema" error for AD User and Exchange Mailbox workflow.  When creating an AD user that includes an on-premise Exchange mailbox, the workflow needs auxiliary object classes assigned to the workflow.  See KB 1578 - Inclusion of Auxiliary Object Classes for Exchange mailboxes for the proper procedure.

  • Create contact results in error looking for a password.  When a create job for contacts was started, it failed because it could not see a password field in the create form.  Adjusted the workflow definition to remove the requirement to check for a password.

  • Office 365 connection not saving connection credentials if modified in the connection utility.  Resolved an issue if someone modified the password for the Azure AD Office 365 connection user, that change was not being saved to the connection.

  • Office 365 connection test failed if the Azure Remote Agent is located on a different server.  Fixed a bug that prevented the UI from properly reporting connection errors if the Azure Remote Agent is installed on a different Windows server that ServiceControl is installed.  All connection tests now work regardless where the Azure Remote Agent is installed.

Known Issues & Fixes

  • Users Cannot Set Forgot Password Questions & Answers.  This release contains a known bug with the Self-Service module forgot password feature.  Users are not able to set their forgot password answers if they have not been set before.  This is preventing access to the Self-Service web page for new users or users who have not set forgot password answers.  The work around for this issue is for someone with Manage module permissions to set the forgot password answers for the user to a temporary value (e.g. "1").  Users will then have login access to the Self-Service web page and can set the forgot password answers to appropriate values.  A fix for this bug will be made available in an interim 4.0.3 release as soon as it becomes available.

  • Default Approvals Web Page URL is Not Correct.  The default URL for the Approval web page is set to use which will always be an invalid setting.  Refer to the procedure How to set the correct URL for the Approval landing Page.

  • Create Approvals Emails are not Being Sent.  The SMTP settings configured in the ServiceControl Administration Panel will not work for the Work Flow Engine.  If SMTP Settings are not configured, the approval process will fail.  Refer to the procedure How to Configure SMTP Settings for Approval Emails.

Revised System Requirements Checklist

Download the revised ServiceControl 4.0 System Requirements Checklist.

Technical Documentation

The following new KB articles were published during the release:

The following KB articles were revised during this release period:

How to Request an Enhancement

The easiest way to submit an enhancement request is to email an explanation of your enhancement to or submit a support request from the ServiceControl website.  All emails and support request submissions are converted into support tickets in our ZenDesk support ticket system.

How to report a bug

The easiest way to submit a bug is to email an explanation of your bug or error to or submit a support request from the ServiceControl website.  All emails and support request submissions are converted into support tickets in our ZenDesk support ticket system.

Previous Release:  ServiceControl (2017.03.06)

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