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ServiceControl 4.0.1 Release Notes (2017.03.06)

Article ID: 1559
Last updated: 18 Feb, 2018

In this Release.  This is an upgrade and maintenance release for ServiceControl.  This change log records all feature changes and enhancements for ServiceControl 4.0.1 culminating in the (2017.03.06) public release:

  1. Cosmetic Changes to Administration Panel landing pages:  Cosmetic changes to Administration back-end UI to improve navigation for administrators.  Changes include updating links to use the new ServiceControl knowledge base and website pages.
  2. Workflow Center:  Changed the title of the Workflow Engine portal from "Workflow Engine Monitor" to "Workflow Center".
  3. Connections Utility:  Removed the buttons for the "M+ Archive" and "M+ Secure" connections  Those connections will be added once the connections are revalidated against "Netmail Archive" and "Netmail Secure" services.  Change the "Google Apps" button to read "G Suite".
  4. Removed links to demo videos:  On the Administration Panel Module pages, removed links to demo vidoes.  Links will be restored once replacement videos are completed.
  5. Revised titles of Audit Reports:  Replaced "eControl" with "ServiceControl" in the Audit Reports.
  6. Request Support Fix:  "Request support" menu link now goes to the ServiceControl website to the "Support Request" page / web form.
  7. Bug Fixes:  Includes some minor function bug fixes for bugs discovered during internal QA testing.

Previous Release:  ServiceControl (2017.01.30)

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Article ID: 1559
Last updated: 18 Feb, 2018
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