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ServiceControl 4.0.0. Release Notes (2017.01.30)

Article ID: 1543
Last updated: 18 Feb, 2018
In this Release.  This is an upgrade release for ServiceControl.  This change log records all feature changes and enhancements for ServiceControl 4.0.0 culminating in the (2017.01.30) public release:

ServiceControl Installation Changes

  • The ServiceControl installer has been modified to:
    • install to C:\Program Files\Omni\ServiceControl as the default location.
    • check dependancies to ensure that .NET 4.5 is the minimum
    • check dependancies to ensure that Windows Management Foundation 4.0 in installed
    • check to ensure that the Windows platform is Windows 2008 (64 bit) or higher.

Connection Configuration Utility

  • Minor cosmetic changes to support SeviceControl branding.
  • Added connectors for:
    • GroupWise 2014
    • Azure Active Directory & Exchange Online

ServiceControl Server

  • No longer supports:
    • Removed support for Windows 2003 server and 32-bit editions of Windows 2008.
    • Removed support for Exchange 2003 and Exchange 2007 (32-bit).
  • ServiceControl Server now supports
    • Installation on Windows 2012 and 2012 R2
    • Azure AD + Exchange Online (both federated and non-federated).
    • Added support for GroupWise 2014 using eDirectory for LDAP user authentication
    • Added support for GroupWise 2014 using Active Directory for LDAP user authentication
  • Changes to System Requirements
    • Minimum server platform is Windows 2008 64-bit
    • .NET 4.5 is minimum requirement
    • Additional requirements added for Azure Active Directory and Exchange Online
    • Modified requirements for websites hosted in IIS
  • Web Server Management
    • Added supports hosting ServiceControl on IIS 8 on Windows 2012 server platforms.
  • Workflow Engine
    • Added a WorkFlow Engine 1.0 (WFE 1.0) which allows create tasks to be performed as background processes so that the ServiceControl panel does not have to kept open.
    • Includes default workflow definitions for:
      • Active Directory and Exchange On-Premise (Lync 2013 or Skype for Business Server 2015 can be added to the definition)
      • Azure Active Directory and Exchange Online (Skype for Business Online can be added to the workflow definition)
      • Active Directory and GroupWise 2014
      • eDirectory and GroupWise 2014
      • eDirectory and legacy Groupwise (pre GroupWise 2014)

ServiceControl Operator Console / Module Functionality

  • Operator Web Console Changes (Look & Feel):
    • Rebranded to ServiceControl (icons, trademark, copyright, etc)
  • MANAGE Module
    • Auto-sense and display different task list for Exchange On-Premise versus Exchange Online
  • CREATE Module
    • Added Approval Webpage into Create Module -  Added a web page that will allow the user to approve or reject a scheduled/suspended workflow.
    • ServiceControl can now create home folders hosted in Windows DFS.

ServciceControl Administrator Console / Module Functionality

  • CREATE Module:
    • Added ability to select either the non-workflow process, or the desired workflow from a drop-down list.
    • Added ability to specify an "Approval Group" which will trigger a notification email be sent with a link to an Approval page before the workflow can proceed with the create tasks.
  • AUDIT Module:
    • Added workflow action logging to the Audit module.
  • Workflow Investigation Portal
    • Added an administrator workflow portal at https://localhost:40000
    • Includes ability to examine the components of workflow definitions
    • Includes ability to view state of workflow jobs
    • Includes ability to view email notification parameters
    • Includes basic admin capabilities

Previous Release:  eControl (2015.06.16)

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Article ID: 1543
Last updated: 18 Feb, 2018
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